Optimizing Data
Center Services

Managing a state-of-the-art data center business is challenging. A competitive offering calls for agility and efficiency at an optimal price, while addressing the unique needs and complex requirements of data center services customers. How can you ensure both competitive advantage and customer satisfaction?

From start to finish

The Schneider Electric Data Center Service Provider
team can partner with you to help increase speed
to market, lower capex and opex costs and
minimize your exposure to risk.

A lifecycle approach

Our holistic, one-stop approach can be applied at any or all stages in the data center lifecycle. We deliver the exact partnership you need, from a full breadth of turnkey support to optimizing critical components.Proven reference designs and pre-fabricated modular solutions can be quickly customized to your exact specifications to meet just-in-time demand.

Simplify for success

Repeatable and scalable deployment strategies streamline the
full range of your data center processes.

Lower cost

Preserve capital

Increase speed to market

Mitigate risk

Optimize your facility to offer best-in-class data center services that meet your business objectives and
those of your customers.

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